I’m cool though….

I’m employed full time

I just got a killer editorial today and made friends

I’m going to D.C. and getting paid to do it

I have friends that love and support me

I have a fully functioning body that is capable of great performance even without my usual stimulants to promote energy for intense distance workouts

I’m making strides to securing my future and happiness

I speak the truth

I cook good food and have a warm bed

I am grateful for these things.

My father is a lazy, narcissistic, emotionally and physically abusive, misogynistic, racist asshole who doesn’t even realize it and couldn’t be told differently out of his own deflective narcissism. I absolutely hate it, and I’m glad he doesn’t ever go out in public with me because honestly I feel ashamed when I do.

How can you be unemployed for 13 years and still think you are more wise than God, more providing than the Earth, and more enlightening than the Sun?

What do you strive for in your lifetime aside from unjustified shaming of others actions in the name of sacrificing yourself to prefect others? Do you think yourself Jesus? A martyr?

Jesus was a man of action, not of words, not of shame.

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- hot sex
- a warm shower
- milkshake
- cozy blankets
- warm, loving cuddles
- kisses 

Things I am always craving

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"There is something about very cold weather that gives one an enormous appetite. Most of us find ourselves beginning to crave rich steaming stews and hot apple pies and all kinds of delicious warming dishes; and because we are all a great deal luckier than we realize, we usually get what we want—or near enough."
- Roald Dahl
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